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About AC6

This site has been designed, not only to publicise our  services to owners of vehicles powered by the AC two litre, six cylinder engine but to provide a focus of interest for the engines and indeed, for the cars themselves.  These include:

  • All models of six cylinder Vintage & PVT AC cars 

  • Post-war AC cars such as the Two Litre Saloon, Buckland Tourer, Ace, Aceca & Greyhound

  • Pre-war sports cars, especially the GN and Frazer Nash

  • Various pre- and post-war AC-engined specials


No substitute for experience

Depicted above is a PVT engine rebuilt by us for a customer on the Continent, just one of many vintage, PVT and post-war engines that we have overhauled for our clients.  In fact, we have probably restored to running order more AC engines than any other concern, at least since the AC Factory ceased to do so many years ago. 

This has given us a rich store of possibly unmatched experience with the proclivities and challenges encountered with these sometimes idiosyncratic, highly individual but rather wonderful engines. 

Highly exclusive

There are others who rebuild AC engines and supply spare parts but as far as is known we are the only company to specialise solely in the AC engine. 

Preserving the breed

Until fairly recently it was common practice to replace a troublesome AC engine with one of another make, the Triumph Six being a favourite while Bristol, Rover V8, Ford Zephyr and even Alfa Sud units have been used.  It even reached the point whereby the value of a car was enhanced because it did not have a troublesome AC engine for which few spares were available even if you could find somebody prepared to undertake necessary repairs. 

This regrettable situation has now changed, even to the extent that owners of cars with 'foreign' engines are replacing them with AC units.  Cars with the right engines are now becoming worth far more than those without.

We like to believe that we have been largely responsible for this welcome trend.

The written testimony

Many of our customers have been kind enough to write to us to express their satisfaction with the services that we have provided, whether for engine overhauls or the supply of sometimes urgently required spare parts.  Their testimonials are available for inspection.

The silent testimony

Some customers have demonstrated their confidence in our service and abilities with repeat business, one gentleman ordering a third engine rebuild from us as part of his programme of rehabilitating his fleet of ACs.

The first step

Whatever your particular need, the first step is to give us a call so that we can discuss it with you.  We always do our best to help.


Welcome to AC6 

Welcome to AC6, the website of Rod Briggs - AC Engines.  Regular visitors will note that we  have added yet more items to our range of spare parts to assist owners of AC two litre engines in maintaining them for reliable use on the road and in competition.  

AC6 is the premier site for the AC engine as it is uniquely based upon:

  • our very real daily experience and success in building AC engines for our customers worldwide

  • our engines have been used extensively in competition including the world famous Mille Miglia 

  • manufacturing and supplying the spare parts needed to keep the cars running........we can supply virtually any spare part for the AC engine

  • using and proving our own engines in competition  with our own PVT special

The photograph above shows our own, much developed 1935 special cornering hard at the Martini hairpin during the VSCC Wiscombe Park Hillclimb.  Photograph by Steve Welsh.

Logistic Support for the AC Engine

'Logistics' is a much overused word generally associated with lorries hurrying vast loads of consumer goodies all over the country.  In the context of the AC engine, however, 'Logistic Support' simply means the provision of services that enable the owner to keep his engine in good running order, namely:

Spare Parts

We can supply the majority of spare parts for the AC engine and, by reason of the huge investment that we have made in spares, with the exception of some high value, slow moving items we keep most items on the shelf.  We do not take huge deposits from customers for often mundane spares and then keep them waiting for months while the parts are made.

Our first point of reference for our manufacture of spare parts is the factory drawings and, failing that, the use of original items as models.  We adhere as closely as possible to original designs and only incorporate modifications where absolutely necessary or demonstrably beneficial.  We do NOT change things just for the sake of it or to ensure that the part supplied will not fit an engine unless the customer purchases another, perhaps even more expensive part. 

We are constantly adding items to our portfolio of engine spares and, as shown below, can now supply from stock much-needed splined hubs for the PVT cars.

We are always pleased to hear suggestions for the provision of further items.

Packaging and Despatch

This is an important element of Logistic Support and we are renowned for our promptness of despatch and, most importantly, for the care with which we package our customers' purchases.  Goods may be sent by post or by courier and, where appropriate or requested, we will supply the carrier's tracking number so that the customer can follow his purchase to its destination.

Engine Repairs

Logistic Support is not confined to supplying spare parts but also includes the rebuilding of complete engines, often from total mechanical wrecks.  In this context we not only support our private customers but also several restoration companies who, perhaps unfamiliar with the engine, recognise that using our specialist knowledge and experience is preferable to climbing the steep and slippery AC learning curve themselves.

Contact us:

Rod Briggs

'Ringers Well'

Station Path



TA11 7PX  

Tel:  01458 273476



Our answer phone will be pleased to take calls outside business hours.  Visitors welcome but strictly by appointment only.


Important note:


Please note that we do not support or supply parts for the Bristol engine, the Cobra range of cars or for AC-styled kit cars and replicas.  Our speciality is the AC engine but in case of difficulty, usually for customers abroad, we may sometimes source mechanical parts other than engine components for AC-engined cars . 


Splined Hubs.......

A widening range…

Although we specialise in AC Weller engines we recently extended our portfolio to include PVT axle hubs.  With supplies about to run out and with no possibility of small production runs for single vehicle orders, we commissioned a substantial batch from specialist manufacturers, Orson Equipment Ltd. 

Gliding along…

Beautifully machined from high quality steel for front and rear axles, a set of these hubs can transform the experience of driving your PVT car from one of clonks and bonks and shuddering vibration into the smooth and silent progress that should characterise these cars.



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